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Our Philosophy / Vision & Mission

Philosophy of L&E

- Uphold fairness.

- Dedicate to quality

- Honest and Punctual 

- Work together as a team

Vision Statement of L&E

- To be the leading total lighting solution provider in ASEAN.

Mission Statement of L&E

- Offer diverse and complete range of lighting products to meet every sector's requirement.

- Establish well-covered marketing networks accessible to various group of customers.

- Provide fully integrated services for customers' advantage.

- Establish high standard manufacturing facilities and laboratory to facilitate new products development and innovation.


Lighting & Equipment Public Company Limited determines to manage the company with integrity, due care and transparency, in accordance with the good corporate governance. Besides, the company realizes the role of social responsibility, in particularly to support the neighborhood as well as to conserve the environment, as we strongly believe that the company will grow constantly and sustainably only when social at large is peaceful and environment is sustainable. The company believes that the contributions to society may not necessarily spend a lot of money at each time but rather do it on a constant basis and compatible with the company’s resources as well as get every employee of the company involved. The company also believes that good corporate social responsibility programs should have interaction between the givers and the receivers sothat the program can proceed smoothly and sustainably.

The company has provided contributions to communities near the company and its facilities and the communities involved with the company’s business. For the communities further away, the company has provide appropriate contributions to schools and temples etc. With regard to the environment, not only the company has provided contributions in various forms to conserve and restore the environment, but has also implemented measures to prevent the environmental pollution or reduce the environmental pollution by designing the products that used materials friendly to environment and recyclable materials.